Quick Top 10 SEO Tips

If you think you have to be an SEO expert or hire an SEO consulting services to become a good blogger, here is “duh” of the day. Many good blogs of any niche get good ranking and traffic without thinking too hard about SEO. There are many factors, I would say naturally SEO techniques that […]

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

Marketing and advertising and often mixed up in regular conversations. The two terms, however, are very different to each other in their respective meanings. This article deals with the difference in their terms and its importance in the growth of business. It is a common misconception that the terms ‘advertising’ and ‘marketing’ are synonymous. In […]

Why Your SEO Company Utilizes These Internal Tactics to Promote Your Website

Not all websites are the same. Some are just informational hubs, such as Wikipedia.org whereas others are ecommerce sites like Overstock.com. Most businesses these days host online sites that feature ecommerce elements. A primary goal for any business that is online is to attract more visitors to their website (website traffic), so they can influence […]

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14 Top SEO marketing tips for 2014

It’s no secret that digital media is always changing, and digital marketing is at the forefront of it all. As the way in which people use and interact with the web changes, digital marketing groups should be looking to adapt accordingly. Recent changes to digital marketing have their roots in a number of areas. Notable […]

How to Assess Quality Vs. Quantity in Traffic

Some very good traffic-boosting types of campaigns have been released by Google over the last year, like product listing ads and dynamic search ads, which every PPC company is excited about. While it is commendable to bring in this extra traffic every year, it is also essential to assess this increase in traffic against Analytics […]